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  • UM-3
Brand: mit-UNID-cns
Models: UM-3
Power: 30W
Speed 90 sec (60Hz): 1-8
Torque(5%} kgf-cm2 AC24V: 500 ~ 1500
No-loadcurrent consumption (AC24V): O.5A
Flange/Mounting Type( ISO 5211): F07
Max Width (mm / inch): L=17.05 / L=0.67
Max Depth (mm / inch): D=18 / D=0.71
Weight (kg): 4.5
Manual Override Device: Wrench


Product Specification

• DC24V Electric Actuator Product Specification
• The following values are based on 60HZ as reference.
The value varies slightly from the different frequency of the power supply.

* If the working pressure is more than 10kgf-cm2 , you should replace it with a bigger one.

* If you need to install modulating series or the torque of valve is too tight, you should replace it with a bigger one.

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