• Omal Carbon Split Steel Wafer PN 63-100 ANSI 600

Omal Carbon Split Steel Wafer PN 63-100 ANSI 600

Brand: Omal
  • Soft-seat seal: DEVLON
  • Standard for connecting flanges: EN 1092-1 ed. 2008; ANSI B16.5
  • Pressure class: PN 63-100; ANSI 600
  • Intercepted fluid: air, water, gas, petroleum and petrochemical products
  • Stem seal: TFM 1600 V-pack
  • Superficial treatment: blueing


No protuding floating ball, full bore
Operating temperature see temperature pressure diagram
Antistatic device EN12662-2
Additional seal on stem with FKM O-ring
Anti Blow-out stem
Actuator connection as per standard ISO 5211
Closing angle >7°

Features on Request:
LF2 carbon steel for low temperature execution (-40 C°)

For other flange types please contact our sales department.

Sealing in: PTFE reinforced with glass (RPTFE-GF), PTFE reinforced with carbon-graphite (RPTFE-CF) . For other types of materials please contact our sales department

Mono-directional version with pressure-relief hole in the ball

Stainless steel lever

For special versions in materials different from the standard (body, ball, stem), please contact our sales department.

Stainless steel Stem nuts and springs

Superficial treatment: white zinc coating ,epoxy coating

For other coating please contact our sales department

ATEX marking and certificateON REQUEST


In compliance with European Directive 97/23 EC PED; Fugitive Emisson ISO 15848 (ISO FE BH-C03-SSA 0); TA-LUFT VDI 2440; FIRE SAFE: ISO 10497 / API 607

Safety integrity level up SIL3 according to the IEC 61508 

In compliance with ATEX 2014-34-EU Directive , ATEX certificate ON REQUEST.

Engineering Standards:
Body thickness in compliance with: ASME B16.34, ASME VIII div.1, EN 12516.

Materials and rating in compliance with ASME B16.34 for ANSI valves and EN 12516 for PN valves

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