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Omal Aluminium Double Acting (DA) Pneumatic Actuator

  • Omal Aluminium Double Acting (DA) Pneumatic Actuator
Brand: Omal


Technical Features:
Torque from 8 Nm to 8000 Nm.
Mounting flange according to EN ISO 5211
F03 - F04 - F05 - F07 - F10 - F12 - F14 - F16 - F25.
In accordance with EN 15714-3
Rotation angle 90°
Torque: directly proportional to the air supply (see table).
The code numbers after the DA letters, always correspond to the breakaway torque in Nm by 5,6 bar air supply.
ATEX version in conformity with directive 2014/34/EU. Please add YX at the end of the code for ATEX version.

Working Condition:
Temperature: from 0°C to +80°C; from -20°C to +80°C with dry air only. (Special versions: hight temperature:-20°C +150°C; low temperature: -50°C +60°)
Air supply: 5,6 bar; maximum 8,4 bar.
Operating media: compressed filtered air, not necessarily lubricated.
In case of lubricated air, either non detergent oil or NBR compatible oil, must be used.

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