• OMAL thor body SS316 ball valve
  • OMAL thor body SS316 ball valve

OMAL thor body SS316 ball valve

Brand: Omal
  • Soft-seat seal: TFM 1600
  • Standard for connecting flanges: EN 1092-1 ed. 2008; ANSI B16.5
  • Pressure class: PN16-40 - ANSI 150-300
  • Intercepted fluid: air, water, gas, petroleum and petrochemical products, aggressive fluids
  • Stem seal: TFM 1600 V-ring packing
  • Closing angle: >7°


Macro Ball valves
Category Thor
Subcategory Thor Split Body
Family Thor Split Body PN 16-40 ANSI 150-300


1. Antistatic device (electrical continuity between ball, stem and body)
Static electricity is avoided which can cause sparks and fire in an inflammable/explosive environment
Contact safety throughout the entire life of the valve

2. Double antifriction washer
Less Breakaway Torque is granted
Less wear comparing with the execution with the single washer

3. "V" seals pack; 3 seals + o-ring
It ensures a perfect tightness even after a high number of cycles

4. Spring washer on the shaft seal
Guarantee of the recovery of the gap due to the wear caused by the rotational movement of the shaft avoiding leakage towards the outside part.
Allow to maintain energized the "chevron" seals (V), thus avoiding any leakage to the outside, against huge temperature excursions

5. Stretch Graphite seal
Tightness towards outside is granted, independently by the thermal excursions to which the valve is subjected

Greater precision in the alignment of axes due to a unique positioning in the process machining from raw material to finished valve
Longer lifetime of the valve
Less breakaway torque

Easy maintainance directly on site
Reduced maintainance costs

Valve body in carbon steel made with NACE certified material as standard
Greater corrosion resistance
Greater ductility of the material

100% in- house manufacturing process technology
Maximum control and accuracy in all the stages of the manufacturing process
Flexibility in supply quickly special executions requested by customers

"Fire safe" Certificate
Guarantees the tightness of the valve also in case of fire

ATEX Certificate
Installation is possible in a potential explosive environment

TA LUFT fugitive emission Certificate
High level of safety of the tightness towards the outside is granted

API6D Certificate
Can be used in Oil & Gas and Petrochemical applications
Max traceability of the manufacturing process and of the Product itself.

PED Certificate
Full compliance with European Safety Standards for Pressure Equipment

UP to SIL 3 certified
Guarantee of the high level of functional safety


• Floating ball, full bore. Available reduce bore version.
• Soft-seat seal TFM 1600
• Standard for connecting flanges: EN 1092-1; ASME B16.5
• Operating temperature see temperature pressure diagram
• Pressure class: PN16-40 - ANSI 150-300
• Tightness Class: EN12266-1 rate A
• Intercepted fluid: air, water, gas, petroleum and petrochemical products, aggressive fluids
• Antistatic device EN12266-2
• Stem seal: TFM 1600 V-ring packing
• Additional seal on stem with FKM O-ring
• Anti Blow-out stem
• Actuator connection as per standard ISO 5211
• Closing angle >7°


• For other flange types please contact our sales department.
• Sealing in: PTFE reinforced with glass (RPTFE-GF), PTFE reinforced with carbongraphite (RPTFE-CF). For other types of materials please contact our sales department
• Mono-directional version with pressure-relief hole in the ball
• Stainless steel lever
• Stainless steel Stem nuts and springs
• For special versions in materials different from the standard (body, ball, stem), please contact our sales department.
• ATEX marking and certificate ON REQUEST


• In compliance with European Directive 2014/68/EU PED; Fugitive Emisson ISO 15848 (ISO FE BH-C03-SSA 0); TA-LUFT VDI 2440; FIRE SAFE: ISO 10497 / API 607
• API 6D: certificate no 6D-1007 only for valves with ANSI face to face
• Safety integrity level up to SIL 3 according to the IEC 61508
• In compliance with ATEX 2014/34/EU Directive , ATEX certificate ON REQUEST.


• Body thickness in compliance with: ASME B16.34, ASME VIII div.1, EN 12516
• API 6D
• Materials and rating in compliance with ASME B16.34 for ANSI valves and EN 12516 for PN valves

For further queries, please leave us a message at sales@pascalcontrol.com.my or contact us PC FU +6012-3993230

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