- About Us -

Today, PASCAL and with its global business alliance, are well positioned to provide constructive resources and implementation strength that is necessary to realize the ambitions of our client business objective. We bring our clients to the leading edge where they excel at their full capacity, providing the resources that they require along with their business undertakings, and eventually turning every investment into ascendant rewards to their corporate objective and financial expectation.

Proactively Seeking New Solutions

While we are very proud of our past accomplishments, we recognized that history alone does not guarantee future success. We attempt to anticipate market trends and plan to meet the implied new demands. Therefore, we focuses on continuous improvement require constant evaluation of our processes to achieve technology advantages, quality enhancements and cost reductions that can be passed to our valued customers.

Our Vision & Mission

  • To be a market leader in this region and SEA.
  • Continually improve our services and work process.
  • Strive for 100% on-time delivery.
  • Strive for 110% customer satisfaction.
  • Maintain our position as a center of excellence in the valve industry.
  • Continue works on improve services and product range.
  • Continue to develop long term strategic agreements with a reliable and high quality network of sub-contract and suppliers.

Our Quality Commitments

The complete satisfaction of the customer is the prime measure of quality, that is the only way to guarantee a successful and lasting presence in the market.

This means not only the functional capability of the products and its continuous development; It is a fundamental principle that the quality concept is applied comprehensively in all areas of business.

And in that context, it covers customer development, suppliers, technical, technical support & service and after-sales service.

- Our Services -

  • Process solenoid valves sales & marketing, stockiest and distribution.​​
  • Pneumatics & electrical actuator valves sales & marketing, stockiest and distribution.
  • Palm oil mills & sludge mechanical separation system specialist.
  • Design and fabricate total new machine for automotive industrial, test equipment, foods processing, lubrication plant, rubber glove and chemicals handling machine.
  • Complete Flow measurement products for fluid, flow transmitter & batching controls system.
  • Complete Flow measurement for GAS system.